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  1. Cavitation Service

    Body Cavitation is a NON-INVASIVE treatment that uses ultrasonic waves that vibrate causing the fat tissue to liquidify & is pushed towards the lymph nodes to help the body flush out through urination.

    Vacuum Radio Frequency is then used with pressure suction to separate the surface of the skin tissue and reduce the dimples in the fat which causes cellulite. The vacuum is also used to contour the shape of the desired body area.

    Radio-frequency is used last to heat and stimulate collagen and elastin to tighten and firm the area. This technique may help reduce stretch marks & wrinkles.


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    As low as $55.00
  2. Lypossage

    An all-natural way to achieve a beautiful body and face! Don’t waste thousands of dollars or put yourself through painful, invasive surgeries! Get real results with this all-natural body contouring massage!

    Benefits of Lyposage Include:
    •Reduce Cellulite
    •Detox the body
    •Inexpensive when compared to cosmetic surgery
    •Lasting results

    For a package of 6 sessions - $390

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  3. Plasma Fibroblast

    A revolutionary new way to fight aging and tighten your skin! Plasma Fibroblast is non-invasive and can help with the following:

    Wrinkle reduction

    Eyelid tightening

    Remove upper lip fine lines

    Neck tightening

    Reduce acne scars

    Reduce stretch marks

    Reduce dark spots

    Remove moles and skin tags

    *Consultation Required

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  4. (Platelet Rich Plasma) PRP Therapy

    Facial Service

    Our (Platelet Rich Plasma) PRP Therapy Facial uses cells derived from your own blood, to help your skin stimulate collagen production and increase blood flow.

    Hair Restoration

    Let our PRP Therapy help you in the hair restoration process. Because the platelets contain vital growth hormones, PRP injections are a great aid in the process of stimulating lost hair follicles.

    *This is a slightly invasive procedure, where a small amount of clients own blood will be drawn.

    *Prices may vary based on consultation.

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  5. HydraFacial

    Cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, extract and protect. This new multitasking skin treatment at Avalon will help you eliminate fine lines, enlarged pores and wrinkles, while improving firmness and elasticity. After just one session, your skin tone will appear more vibrant and even.

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  6. Intimate Brightening System

    Over time, certain areas of the body become discolored and/or darker. It’s time to get back in touch with your skin’s beauty by giving more attention to all areas of your body. The Intimate Brightening System is specifically designed to lighten, brighten and refresh your skin.

    Intimate Brightening System Kit*: $175

    *Must purchase the kit first. The service is an additional charge.

    Under Arms: $55
    Bikini: $75

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  7. Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

    This is a non-surgical / pain-free option for people who want to treat wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of aging.

    RF uses radio frequency (RF) energy on the skin, heating up the various skin layers to stimulate collagen production, which smooths and lifts the skin’s surface. This procedure requires no incisions to be made in the skin and has a low instance of side effects. Radio frequency skin tightening is a viable procedure for many people whose skin has not reacted favorably to laser or thermal treatments in the past.

    Facial - Improves brow line, diminishes crow's feet, tones cheek muscles, plumps lips and lifts

    Body-reduce cellulite, tighten and tone sagging skin

    RF Facial - 30 minutes for $50
    RF Body -
    *Abs - $75
    *Back - $75
    *Legs - $75

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  8. Eclipse Micropen - Microneedling
    As Seen In Vogue. The first line of defense in Aesthetic Aging. Improve skin tone, look younger, reduce acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles and more!

    *Price is Based on Consultation

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  9. Medical Massages
    • Prevention & Recovery
    • Stretching & Flexibility
    • Muscle Soreness
    • Trigger Points
    • Sports Injuries
    • Chronic Pain Management
    • Performance Improvement
    • Tension / Stress / Relaxation

    Prices Start at $75.00 With a Consultation

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  10. Chocolate Cherry Body Scrub

    The sea salts in this body scrub are mixed with chocolate cherry body oil to exfoliate dry and dead skin cells. The sweet aromas of the chocolate and cherry increase circulation while enticing your senses. If you’re looking for a body exfoliation treatment, then give this one a try! If you’re thinking of getting your significant other a Valentine’s Day gift, then skip the chocolate candies and take a trip to our salon instead!

    * Seasonal - Please Call For Service

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