Why Now is the Best Time to Consider Our Balayage Service

Why Now is the Best Time to Consider Our Balayage Service

Highlights have been in and out of style for so long now. Most of us ladies have attempted them or lowlights at one time or another to achieve a natural look with added dimensions. If you’ve ever received either, then chances are that you’re familiar with wearing a cap or having foil in your hair for the procedure. Fortunately, the popular hair color trend balayage was introduced to us all a few years ago.

This trend is taking highlights and modernizing them. From Victoria’s Secret Angels to the biggest names in pop music, the balayage is rocked by so many in entertainment. Big names like Ariana Grande, Gisele Bündchen and Khloe Kardashian are big fans of these sun-kissed locks. Let’s go over why you should consider this treatment!

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Achieving That Effortless Look

Everyone talks about rocking a hot body in their dreams or swimming in riches. Think about this, though, which hair trend are you sporting in your dream? Chances are it’s bouncy, beachy hair with a golden shine. In other words, it’s probably balayage. It gives your hair the natural bouncy appearance with amazing colors. The color alone will give it such an effortless look. One wonderful thing about this hair technique is that it can be deliberate and bold yet soft and effortless at the same time.

Stop Doing it Yourself

If you’ve ever dyed your hair, then you’re well aware of how high-maintenance it can be. The upkeep alone can be time-consuming. It’s time to ditch your at-home application and leave the work to us!

Still not convinced?

A balayage application allows for a soft root. You won’t even be able to distinguish your roots coming in! Although we love to see our clients as often as possible, with a balayage, you won’t need to stop by too soon after the procedure for a touch-up. We recommend coming in for a reapplication every five months.

All About Dimensions

We like to compare a balayage to contouring. Contouring your makeup is meant to add dimensions to the face. This is done by using different shades of foundation sticks from light to dark. Light strikes the highlighted areas of the face, giving your bone structure more of a pop. The same goes for a balayage because the lighter areas of your hair will appear more radiant over your basic highlights. A balayage is all about enhancing what you currently have by magnifying what the sun already naturally does. So, if you’re obsessed with the sun-kissed look that contouring and bronzing does to your face, then you’re going to love a balayage.

Keep Up with Today’s Trends

The balayage is a popular trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Our expert hairstylists not only recommend the procedure to clients, but also to those unsure of which hair color to try next. Take part in this hair sensation by trying a balayage today for that freestyle and effortless look at our spa and salon in McAllen!