Why Manicures Are Important for Your Nail Health

Why Manicures Are Important for Your Nail Health

A manicure is more than just having your nails polished. You may not think twice about it, but you’re killing two birds with one stone each time you visit Avalon Spa & Salon in McAllen for your manicure needs. Aside from having your nails painted and pretty, the Avalon manicure also promotes nail health.

Your hands will also be massaged to improve blood circulation by using a moisturizing lotion that promotes skin healing. Also, nail health and care is for both men and women. After all, people notice your hands during business meetings, over dinner and special occasions. Make a good first impression with beautiful and healthy nails!

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Health is Important  

Chipped and cracked nails are not cute. Chipping and ridges can be caused by a deficiency of calcium and other nutrients in the body. On top of unhealthy-looking nails, are your hands dry and cracked as well? Daily elements and daily use can take their toll. Booking bi-weekly manicures can promote nail health while making them look great. Manicures remove hangnails, broken/dry skin, dry cuticles, dead skin cells and nail splits. Your cuticles will be cared for as well thanks to creams and oils.

For the Men

A majority of men aren’t comfortable enough to walk into a nail salon alone. However, it’s important to take care of your nails regardless of gender. At Avalon, we encourage men to get regular manicures. Although you might think that you’re on top of your grooming game by sporting a fresh cut and clean-shaven face, your nails need just as much attention. A nicely-groomed man is attractive, but if his nails are chipped, long or dirty, it can be an immediate turn off to most women. 

Men, nail cleanliness gives you a more sophisticated look. Got a wedding, job interview or date coming up? Make sure your nails look great! Pamper yourself with a manicure by visiting our spa and salon in McAllen to relax, unwind, and relieve tension and stress.

Your Hands Age

There’s a solution to treating wrinkles as you age. Botox is widely popular in the cosmetic world and takes care of those fine lines that we all despise. Many celebrities swear by botox and look great! However, there are only a few ways to prevent your hands from aging quickly. One way to be proactive about this is by receiving an Avalon Spa & Salon manicure! Included in our manicure service is a hand massage that promotes blood circulation improvement. This may cut down on wrinkles that develop as you age. 

Routine Manicures

You may visit Avalon Spa & Salon for your hair and massage needs, but maybe it’s time to add a manicure into the mix! Manicures aren’t only about polish and nail design, but also cleanliness and health as well. Have a special day coming up? Come see us in McAllen today!