Take a Break From The Holiday Hustle

Take a Break From The Holiday Hustle

There are three areas we suggest you invest into for a healthy balance and as a way to embrace your beauty. Care for your body, giving attention to your face and it’s needs and, lastly, put time into your hairs’ longevity.

Body Care 

Investing time into your skin’s appearance to make it better will make you feel just as good on the inside. Most people take a look in the mirror and start pin pointing all the things they want to change, but here at Avalon we believe you should look in the mirror with confidence and give yourself the care that will make you feel great. Positive change starts with a positive attitude! Get yours at Avalon with one of our services. We offer all kinds, including a Chocolate Cherry Body Scrub, or an intimate brightening kit & service!


Have you stood in a beauty aisle recently? It may feel daunting to be surrounded by products, half of which, may not help you upkeep your complexion. The injustice of beauty product unpredictability stops here! We offer plenty of facials meant to protect and enhance every part of your face! From our famous Hydrafacial treatment, or a dĒp Patch™ Under Eye Skin-Care System, Avalon has you covered! 

Hair Treatments

We tend to make others a priority before we ever get to ourselves and, ususally, the last thing we care for is our hair.  Say no more to dry, breaking, hair!  Prevent and treat damage with on of our amazing hair treatments. Be daring and try out Gold Cannabis Intensive Hair Mask or our Mending Therapy if you are an avid hair color enthusiast!

Not sure what best fits your needs?

Avalon Spa and Salon can help you decide! We believe you already are your best you, and you deserve to feel like it! Contact us, and make sure to follow us on Facebook, and Instagram to learn the best deals and offers available for all your beauty needs!