Three Reasons to Keep Your Nails Healthy with a Manicure in McAllen!

Three Reasons to Keep Your Nails Healthy with a Manicure in McAllen!

During the holidays, you often hear the mantra that giving is better than receiving, but here at Avalon, we say that you deserve both! Take care of your hands during the holidays with a manicure! It’s sure to put you in a good mood and benefit your health. Our spa and salon in McAllen wants to go over three services that will leave you with beautiful nails and feeling better.

Manicures Keep Your Skin Soft

Your hands are exposed daily to dirt, bacteria, and harsh weather conditions. Let’s be honest, just because your nails happen to be uneven, chipped, dry, or broken doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. However, not taking care of them can lead to future issues with nail growth.

Our manicures are your safeguard to preventing overworked hands. We do this with exfoliation, cuticle care, and moisturizing. We have so many manicures available online, including:

  • Caribbean Manicure – Every hand requires a different touch and this one improves the condition of your nails, cuticles, and hands. Using plant-based ingredients from the Caribbean, your hands will sail back to full rejuvenation.
  • Rosemary Mint Manicure – If you are in need of a full-on mint extravaganza that will make your hands sing, then try out our Rosemary Mint Manicure! Enwrapped in a peppermint salt scrub and hydrating masque, your hands will look like new before you know it!
  • Chakra Manicure – This manicure includes a reflexology-style hand massage to pinpoint areas of pressure that can affect other areas of the body. Deep tissue exfoliation and your choice of polish color are included.

Manicures Improve Blood Circulation in Your Hands

Winters are hard, especially if you have joint problems, but manicures are the perfect service to alleviate these issues. Our manicures in McAllen help with your blood circulation by massaging, exfoliation, and moisturization. Choosing the right polish can also protect or enhance your nail growth.

Mental health

No one likes the idea of sitting in a dimly-lit room on a cold plastic chair hunched over their knees to get their nails done. Avalon ensures your peace of mind as we tend to your nails with friendly service and lively chatter.

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