The Post Spring Break Period: What You Can do to Return Your Body Back to its Beauty

The Post Spring Break Period: What You Can do to Return Your Body Back to its Beauty

Spending too much time at the beach can take a toll on your body by leaving signs of dehydration in your skin and hair. As for the mani and pedi you received before Spring Break, it’s probably not looking so fly anymore thanks to the rough sands of South Padre Island or other tropical getaway. Avalon Spa & Salon wants to help you rejuvenate to your pre-Spring Break self! Here are a few services we offer that can help you out.

Avalon Spa & Salon wants for you to feel your best before and after Spring Break. Ask about our services that will have you feeling great again!

Intensive Moisturizing Facial 

Spring Break’s sunshine is nothing to take lightly. Overexposure can cause immediate damage to the skin, with serious problems such as skin cancer and cataracts being common in the most serious cases. Aside from major skin effects, yoursmay just be minor. Moisturizing your face every night is recommended to keep the skin from peeling. Along with those wise efforts, Avalon Spa & Salon is here to hydrate your face back to its natural self.


Our intensive moisturizing facial may be what you need after a week in the sun. It incorporates moisturizing amino acids, complex sugars and minerals extracted from seaweed to replenish the skin's ability to hold water. While a soothing compress masque drenches the skin with water binders, a moisturizing massage is performed on the neck, décolleté and shoulders to push hydration to its limit, creating a smooth, dewy complexion that lasts for weeks.

Detoxifying Massage

If you’re trying to detoxify your body from anything Spring Break-related, then this massage is for you! To maximize the service, we use Phytomer’s warmed unique elixirs and natural marine-sourced ingredients. We guarantee that you‘ll emerge from our spa in McAllen feeling completely re-energized with skin that’s soft, firm and hydrated.

Contouring Hydrotherapy Bath

Although Spring Break isn’t the length of your typical vacation, we like to plan as if it is. By filling up your week with activities and travels, time can fly by so quickly! All of thisbath can be hectic, taking a toll on your sleep and wellness patterns. A lack of sleep can leave your skin looking imbalanced. Give it the bounce and glow it needs with our one-of-a-kind body-contouring bath!

This hydrotherapy service contains specialized seaweed and a well-known body contouring technique. The seaweed refines your figure and makes skin smooth and soft. Let the bath’s jets massage your body with this 50-minute treatment that’s sure to give you the ultimate contouring effect while letting you unwind.

Reconnect with Your Healthy Self

It seems like Spring Break is the quickest week of the year. With so little time, we try to cram fun and adventures in only a few days. During this period, we often forget to take care of ourselves. At Avalon Spa & Salon, we want to help you rejuvenate and feel good again. We offer various spa and wellness services to have you looking great again. Contact us today to set your appointment!

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