The HydraFacial: Introducing Our Newest Service!

The HydraFacial: Introducing Our Newest Service!

With summer comes high temperatures and sunny days. These two can be great depending on your mood or whichever event you plan on attending, but for the face, they can spell trouble. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our newest service – the HydraFacial! Let’s go over why you should consider scheduling one with us!


How it Works

This service is a hydra-dermabrasion procedure that can combine cleansing, exfoliation and antioxidant protection, ensuring that your skin will be flawless. You might be wondering what sets this procedure apart from other facials. The key is that the HydraFacial has the ability to hydrate the skin simultaneously while it works its magic.


Eliminate Those Imperfections!

The HydraFacial can help eliminate those fine lines, enlarged pores, acne and wrinkles that trouble you every time you look in the mirror. Through a strict regimen of cleansing, hydrating, extracting and protecting, those worrisome troubles will disappear!


For Anyone

This service is suitable for any skin type, even those who are sensitive and find other facials to be too much to handle. If you’re looking to improve or eliminate those fine lines, wrinkles, acne or oily skin, then this is the treatment for you.


Schedule Your Appointment

If you’ve been looking for a facial that can erase imperfections as easily as possible, then the HydraFacial may be the one you need! Contact our spa and salon in McAllen today to set up your appointment!