The Avalon Ultimate Massage: Relieve that Pent-Up Stress with this Amazing Service!

The Avalon Ultimate Massage: Relieve that Pent-Up Stress with this Amazing Service!

Although the year is still young, many of you are probably already dealing with the stresses of work and/or school. Stress isn’t a good thing, we all know this. It can result in trouble sleeping, mood swings and even very serious issues like depression, hypertension and anxiety. The one thing we never want for you to deal with is stress, and luckily, we have a service that can help you!

The Avalon Ultimate Massage is known to work wonders on the body and mind. Even if you aren’t dealing with stress or other issue that can be settled with a massage, we still want to invite you to come in and indulge in what this service offers.

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Instant Relief

Along with stress, joint pain is another issue that many people deal with. Fortunately, the Avalon Ultimate Massage is tailored to treat this as well. Your back, neck, shoulder area and feet will all be treated during this service, so you can rest assured that not only will you walk out feeling mentally refreshed, but physically as well. Your hands and feet are essential to your everyday routines, especially if you work in an industry where walking and handwork are very common, so know that this massage can help you out!

From Top to Bottom

Although giving your body the attention it needs is extremely important, let’s not forget about the one place where stress can really take a toll; your head! Stress can result in headaches, making it difficult to go about your day-to-day routines. The Avalon Ultimate Massage can take care of this as well. Your scalp will receive a soothing and gentle massage that works to increase blood circulation, helping any stress-inducing problems wither away. This is just one more benefit of this service, so if you’re convinced to scheduling one, then we can’t wait to have you!

A Deal You Can’t Pass Up

During the last week of March, Avalon will be having a deal that we definitely know will make you schedule a massage session. For this week only, you can get a 50-minute-long Avalon Ultimate Massage for only $60! That’s a $20 savings. If this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. So, get together with your girlfriends or significant other and stop by to get started. Also, we have a Wellness Wednesdays promotion going on as well where you can receive a deal of 15% off for facials and 10% of all facial products! 

Set Your Appointment Now!

The last week in March is almost up, so take advantage of our unbeatable deals for the Avalon Ultimate Massage and Wellness Wednesdays! If you’re ready to come in and indulge in all that we have to offer, then contact our spa and salon in McAllen today to get started!