Strut Your Way Into the New Year with the Help of Avalon Spa and Salon!

Strut Your Way Into the New Year with the Help of Avalon Spa and Salon!

It’s incredible that 2018 is already here! It feels like it was just yesterday when we were predicting which hairstyles would be the trendiest of 2017. Now, though, we’ll be taking a peek into 2018. What will be trending and in style? We did a little bit of research and can’t wait to share what we’ve learned with you!

Looking for professionals to trust with your hair and nails? At Avalon Spa and Salon in McAllen, we’re always on top of what’s trending!

Old School Hair is New School

Looking back on 2017, we couldn’t help but notice that a lot celebrities and runway models rocked decades-old hairstyles. You couldn’t keep the 70s and 90s out of 2017 even if you tried. For example, the lob is here to stay and shows no signs of going anywhere. It’s easy to maintain shoulder-length hair and there are endless ways of styling it. If you currently rock a lob, then these styles are for you! 

Cher Hair

The last time we saw pin-straight lengthy hair trending was in the early 2000s. It’s back again, but with a trendier twist! Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande didn’t hold back and broke hairstyle boundaries with this bold, fun hairstyle. You can do so much with it, from fun, high ponytails to a sleek-down style. Ask our hairstylists to pin long hair extensions to achieve the very desired “Cher hair”.

Grown Out Shag

Jessica Biel was looking graceful and giving off a peaceful, hippie vibe with this grown out shag haircut earlier this year. What started as a short, shaggy haircut evolved to a more feminine lob shag. This hairstyle is easy to achieve, especially for those who currently have a lob. Ask our hairstylists to trim your hair into more layers for a bouncy texture. Using a curling wand, curl your layered hair into waves and then split down the center. If you have bangs, split them in half as well.

Dirty Blonde

Most think back to the 90s when thinking of dirty blonde hair. It seemed like every major pop and movie star had it. Selena Gomez recently shocked everyone at an awards show with a lob dirty blond hairstyle! This is the new A-list hair color trend with Kim Kardashian rocking it as well. This new trend encourages dark roots to complete the style. 

Nail Colors and Styles

Our professional manicurists are always on top of ever-changing nail trends. If we’ve noticed anything, it’s that lately, everyone is taking old nail trends and revamping them. Remember the mega-French nail trend? That’s made a comeback, but with an interesting twist.

Reverse French Manicure

This is stylish in any color! The difference between the typical French manicure and this one is that the white top is painted on top of the cuticle area. We encourage choosing two colors that complement each other well. For example, you can choose a nice shimmery silver for the part nearest the cuticle area and a poppy lavender color for your tip. There are endless ways of having fun with this!

Nude Colors

How can one achieve natural-looking nails without having them appear untreated? Kim Kardashian redefined nail treatment with her nude, natural-shaped nails. Colors like beige and nude pink are amongst her favorites. This subtle and elegant nail trend leaves room for your wrist accessories to pop out more. 

Shimmery Chrome

Chrome nails are glamourous without being too outstanding. Ask our nail stylists to add a shimmery transparent polish coat on top of your favorite nail color. We highly recommend doing this on top of natural colors. A nude pink can go a long way with a coat of chrome.

Revamping Past Trends

It seems like 2018 will be another year where past styles that shaped generations will be revamped. Start the new year with a new hairstyle and trend because, who knows, maybe this time next year we can use our former hair and nail styles and evolve them into something new! Contact our spa and salon in McAllen today to book your glamorous hair and nail appointment!