Relieve Your Football Season Adrenaline with Avalon Spa and Salon!

Relieve Your Football Season Adrenaline with Avalon Spa and Salon!

Football season has arrived and is in full force. Whether you’re an athlete or fan, everyone is feeling the adrenaline. But have you ever stopped to wonder if all of that adrenaline can harm your health? Professional coaches and athletes often choose massages to not only relieve muscle tension or injuries, but to help with high stress levels as well. Win or lose, everyone experiences some type of stress during a football game. At Avalon Spa and Salon, our certified massage therapists are here to help you relieve your physical and mental stress.

Calling all athletes and sports fans! Contact Avalon Spa and Salon in McAllen today to book your massage appointment!

For the Athletes

Football is a rough sport that requires 100% physical and mental focus. Any kind of major injury can cost an athlete their participation for the rest of the season. Being proactive about injury prevention is something every athlete should practice. Adding a sports massage to your training routine can do just that. At Avalon Spa and Salon, our certified massage therapist focuses on injury prevention while promoting relaxation.

Sports Massages

We treat injuries just as they happen thanks to instinct. We also know that a recovery time is to be expected. Many athletes don’t seek any kind of physical therapy until after an injury has occurred. In any athletic activity, your body is your main piece of equipment and requires a lot of attention. Stress, joint and muscle tension are common in athletes and should be taken care of before becoming serious. A sports massage is a great way to be proactive in your athletic training. A few benefits include:

  • Performance improvement
  • Pain reduction
  • Injury prevention
  • Shortened recovery times
  • Decreased muscle stiffness

For Football Fanatics

Athletes aren’t the only ones that should be taking part in receiving massages. The thrill of football and other sports along with the anticipation leading to a game can be surprisingly unhealthy. Chronic high levels of stress can lead to higher blood pressure and heart rates. The problem is that football fans don’t use adrenaline like athletes do. That is unless you're doing some push-ups during commercial breaks!

Chances are that most sports fans eat pizza, chicken wings and drink beer during games. Don’t return to work on Monday feeling tired and drained. Instead, contact us to book your medical massage appointment to relieve your muscle tension.

Medical Massage

If your team wins or loses, your body won’t know the difference since it can’t distinguish good stress from bad. A medical massage is great medicine for both athletes and sports fans. This massage relaxes the nerve endings in the skin and muscles to ensure that the body is functioning the way it should. Our certified therapists will focus on medicating your body by using deep-tissue massage techniques. A few benefits include:

  • Relieving tension/stress
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Blood circulation improvement
  • Increasing Energy
  • Digestion Improvement
  • Posture improvement
  • Aiding headaches

Advanced Performance

Our sports and medical massages can assist any individual needing enhanced performances in or out of the field. Don’t wait to treat your body until injury and end up at a physical therapy clinic. Take the first step in prevention by contacting our spa in McAllen today to book your appointment for a more flexible and healthier you!