Plan Ahead for Your Valentine’s Day Regimen at Avalon Spa and Salon!

Plan Ahead for Your Valentine’s Day Regimen at Avalon Spa and Salon!

You might be thinking that now since the holidays have passed, all of your gift shopping should be over. Well, what if you have a special person in your life? Valentine's Day is just around the corner, meaning that your Valentine may be expecting a heartwarming gift. At Avalon Spa and Salon, we have a variety of Valentine’s Day spa packages fit for that special person in your life!

Are you having trouble picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? You can’t go wrong with a spa package from Avalon Spa and Salon! 

Why Avalon?

Valentine’s Day gifts are a little different than those for other holidays. Most may think they’re a little easier to find and purchase considering that every major supermarket dedicates an entire Valentine’s Day section for gift ideas. Our spa, however, has something so much better! We have special packages that’ll fit your budget and make your Valentine extremely happy. Read on to learn what they are!

Our Spa Packages

There are a few things we naturally associate Valentine’s Day with: chocolate, strawberries, teddy bears and, of course, love. We’ve incorporated these into our packages below:

Cover Me In Chocolate

This package includes the oh so indulging chocolate cherry body scrub during a relaxing massage. Who wouldn’t want the delicious aroma of chocolate all over their body during and after this service? This full body exfoliation rids dead skin cells, leaving your significant other with a smooth appearance.

A separate chocolate cherry facial will be applied for a nice cleanse and nourishment. Following the spa experience, your Valentine will be treated to a 15-minute hair conditioning treatment to rescue, moisturize and nourish even the most damaged hair. Our professional stylists will then provide a haircut and blow dry.

Couples Retreat

Looking to spend more time with your significant other? If so, then this package is perfect for the two of you! The “Couples Retreat” includes two chocolate cherry massages, followed by two Aroma Vidic Stone Facials that will leave you both feeling refreshed and balanced.

Nothing brings a couple closer than pure happiness and relaxation. You will both leave the spa with shining, radiant skin. Did we mention the champagne? That’s right, during your visit, you and your Valentine will unwind with a nice glass of bubbly champagne. 

My Valentine

This package includes everything your significant other will be looking for, from a relaxing massage to nail care. He or she will receive an aromatherapy massage that will heal, soothe and relax their senses with the scent of lavender. Once your Valentine’s stress is gone, they’ll be treated to our famous manicure and pedicure service. Both include a nail-shaping, filing and hand moisturizing. 

Get Ready for February 14th!

Although Valentine’s Day is still a few weeks away, it’s better to prepare than to get stuck the day of waiting in a supermarket checkout line with bottom-of-the-barrel Valentine’s Day gifts. Gifting a salon experience is sure to leave lasting memories. Remember, for every Valentine’s Day spa package you purchase, you’ll receive a $20 Avalon gift card. Contact us to schedule your service!