Men, What Should You Know About Exfoliation?

Men, you may have seen your significant others exfoliating their skin and wondered what all of the fuss is about. If you’re a man and are wondering what exfoliation is, then you’re in luck because Avalon is here to give you a rundown of why our exfoliation services are great and what our team can do to help you look great.

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What is It?

Removing dead skin cells from your face is one of the primary things done during exfoliation - also commonly known as a face scrub. Our men’s fitness facial is perfect for you guys looking to enrich and invigorate your skin. As a result, the process gives you healthier looking skin along with some other benefits we’ll outline below.exfoiliating1

Should Men do It?

Men have denser and thicker facial hair than women and typically benefit more from exfoliation. Exfoliating helps soften and tone your skin; the shedding process also unclogs pores and eventually reduces breakouts. However, most men tend to use ordinary soap to wash their face. Although soap can definitely help clean facial skin, it may not help it look healthy. Soap ingredients can also block some of your pores, which can lead to rougher-looking skin. Plus, exfoliation helps prepare your face for a closer shave, which we’ll discuss later.

Why Should Men do It?

Don’t worry, if you’re thinking that exfoliating is a complicated process, it isn’t. The first thing we do is apply a facial scrub the same way you would wash your face. We then rinse your face with warm water and dexfoiliating2ispense the scrub. We’ll then massage it throughout your face in a circular motion. Our Avalon Advanced Exfoliant is the perfect start for men looking to get a week's-worth of dirt and grime off of their face.

It Removes the Grime

Whether dirt has accumulated on your face because of your intense workout at the gym or if it’s from a hard day's work, the bottom line is that most days, your skin needs a strict cleaning routine. At Avalon, we provide facials that will exfoliate, unclog pores and remove dirt and grime. The facial will also moisturize your skin to bring out that youthful glow from underneath.

It Helps Repair Your Skin

Your skin naturally regenerates every 30 days, but the process starts slowing down as you age. Facials and exfoliation help a great deal because they mimic the act of rejuvenating your skin cells and help boost aging complexions.

It Helps When Shaving

Exfoliating before shaving also has its benefits. It helps unclog pores so your razor can glide smoothly on your facial skin. When you exfoliate, it also helps lift beard hairs while exposing and helping rid ingrown hairs.

Men, We Want to Hear from You!

At Avalon, we’ll be the first to tell you that facials and exfoliations are deep-cleaning processes and shouldn’t be done every day. Doing so will over-strip the natural oils from your skin and reduce its elasticity. Plus, it can also lead to over-drying. We recommend exfoliating two toexfoiliating3 three times a week and getting a facial every other week.


If you’re ready to treat your facial skin how it ought to be treated, then get in touch with us in McAllen to set up your appointment. We know that you’ll be very happy with the results!