Men, Take Your Grooming Routine to the Next Level with These 3 Services!

Men, Take Your Grooming Routine to the Next Level with These 3 Services!

We trust that you take care of yourself when it comes to your grooming regimen! At Avalon Spa & Salon, we love when our male clients come in! It’s nice to know that men, now more than ever, are paying attention to how they look and feel. After all, many ladies love it when men are well-groomed with fresh haircuts and smooth skin.

One thing to keep in mind is that waxing and other forms of body hair removal are on the rise. Hair removal isn’t just for swimmers and triathletes anymore! We’ve noticed a rise in 

hair removal appointments in men, especially in the warmer months. Also, Labor Day is right around the corner, so it may be time to show off your hairless bod at the beach!

Feel confidence like never before with our body hair removal services! Book your appointment with Avalon Spa & Salon today!


Are you new to the different types of body hair removal services out there? Wondering where to even begin? At Avalon Spa

& Salon in McAllen, we offer a full line of body and facial waxing services for men that are guaranteed to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft! Ditch your razor and opt for a safer form of hair removal! Don’t put up with razor burns and skin irritations. It’s time to show off your skin’s full potential with our help today!

Laser Hair Removal

If you’d rather forego a waxing, that’s okay because we have other ways to help you. Say hello to the GentleLASE hair removal service! How exactly does it work? The gentle power of the laser light targets and absorbs the brown pigment around the root of the hair. This prevents hair growth for a long-term solution and can achieve that hair-free body you’ve always wanted without the discomfort. Although waxing is effective, laser hair removal is a more sophisticated method.

Men’s Shampoo and Haircut

You can also turn heads and look fresh with one of our hair sessions! Squeeze in a men’s shampoo and haircut with one of our professional hairstylists during your next visit. They can provide a relaxing treatment while your hair receives the care it really deserves. Our stylists can cater to each of your suggestions for the amazing final result you desire.

Achieve That Magazine Cover Look at Avalon!

We encourage all men to have a waxing or laser hair removal procedure done at least once. There’s no harm in it and you have nothing to lose – except unwanted hair! You’ll walk out of Avalon feeling more confident than ever. Show off the body that you’ve put so much time into at the gym! We’re sure that you’ll have questions about our services and products, so contact our spa in McAllen to find out what we can do for you!