How Our Massages in McAllen Can Help Lead to a Better You!

How Our Massages in McAllen Can Help Lead to a Better You!

If you follow self-care regimens, then you’ve probably heard about the healing powers of a good massage. What you may not know is how deeply massages can benefit you. Here at Avalon Spa and Salon, we offer the best massage options to help with muscle tension, relieve stress, and improve the overall quality of your skin. Read on to learn how our services can help you.

Relieving Muscle Tension

Have you ever woken up with a terrible pain in your neck or shoulders and thought it would go away on its own? Built-up muscle tension not only affects your mood, it can also lock up your joints and even lead to injury if not fixed. For those who deal with joint pain every day, investing in a massage can be beneficial. 

Avalon also offers a Sports Massage for those whose muscles need extra care. The Medical Massage strikes at trigger points in the body to relieve muscle soreness. This service can also help you manage chronic pain and flexibility.

Massages Melt Away Stress

We recommend a massage to all of our clients who are highly impacted by their day-to-day responsibilities. Massages don’t just loosen your body, they also bring you peace of mind and may even remove headaches or insomnia-related stress. 

Check out our variety of massages or shop for an aromatherapy massage. Involve the senses of touch and smell when you receive our Aromatherapy Massage with scents of lavender to lull you into bliss. 

Massages Can Fulfill Your Spa Needs

Here at Avalon, we offer many beauty-related and massage experiences for you to choose from. Relax your muscles while up-keeping your body! With the Contouring Massage, Avalon can help reduce and control cellulite and leave you with more toned-looking skin. 

Don’t Know Which One to Pick?

Contact our Spa and Salon in McAllen to schedule your massage! Our specialists can help you decide which service is best for your issue! Don’t only approach self-care with a good meal or soak in the tub. Let us give you well-deserved attention!