Grooming Must-Knows for the Modern Man

Grooming Must-Knows for the Modern Man

Men are no strangers to the whims of the fashion and beauty worlds. Just like women, they have survived the ages with ludicrous wardrobes and subtle gentlemanly uniforms to musky beards and pale facial makeup. They have felt the expectations of fashion and beauty alongside women and have learned to adapt. Our modern man is no exception.

Male grooming in the modern world is not about “getting in touch with your feminine side”. It’s about exuding confidence, making good impressions and caring for your body inside and out. More and more men are booking visits to their local spas and salons to enjoy the benefits of male grooming. Here are our top picks for you.

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Waxing for the Athletic Man

If you’re a man of sports, waxing could be a lifesaver. Well, not literally, but it could reduce pain from constricting clothing, tape and bandages. Swimmers and cyclists have long claimed that going hairless helps with physical performance, too. Even if you just want that “clean look”, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of manscaping to impress the ladies.

Guys, Skin Care Matters

Scrubs, masks, peels, cleansers, serums and lotions, don’t knock them until you try them. It may be more than you care to learn about skin care, but these products all serve a purpose in life. Men are subject to a host of common skin conditions like blemishes and wrinkles that women have battled with for years. Skin care treatments and products are how we tackle our skin problems head-on. Those pretty-smelling creams are like magic in a bottle that your skin is crying out for.

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Feeling Good, Looking Good

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a session of aromatherapy or massage therapy every now and then. You may not feel stressed, but to feel your best, your muscles should be kneaded and your mind relaxed. Inner health will show on the surface, and a trip to the spa can help you achieve that. Even if you’re not up for other grooming tricks, a massage or body wrap is more of a stress-relieving treatment that serves as a great part of a beauty and health care routine.

The Manly Man’s Mani/Pedi

After haircuts, shaves and beard trimmings, manicures and pedicures seemed to be the next rising trend for male grooming. Men willing to explore all the beauty secrets that women love to splurge on took the next step with a basic mani/pedi combo. They feel great and make wearing sandals during the hot summer months much more enjoyable. If you opt for an all-inclusive package, expect a scrub, massage, hot wax, and nail trim and buff.

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