Grab 10 Fabulous Services for Back-To-School At Our Hair Salon in Edinburg

Grab 10 Fabulous Services for Back-To-School At Our Hair Salon in Edinburg

Going back to school is hard enough for any child to adjust to, whether they’re in middle school or off to college. Make sure you give them the gift at our hair salon in Edinburg, so they can tackle any school assignment that comes their way. Give them a fresh school beginning with Avalon Spa & Salon. 

Facials that Make Your Skin Glow

We offer facials both adults and kiddos can enjoy. Leave Avalon with your children’s faces being almost as bright and glowing as them. 

College Friendly Facials Offered:


This new multitasking skin treatment at Avalon will help you eliminate fine lines, enlarged pores and wrinkles, while improving firmness and elasticity. After just one session, your skin tone may appear more vibrant and even.

Teen Facial

It’s important for a teenager to learn how to keep their skin clean and free of impurities. During this procedure, we educate teens about daily cleansing and routine facial nourishments. It’s designed specifically for those between the ages of 10 and 17. Don’t struggle with complicated skin and book your facial today!

Grab a Hairdo at our Hair Salon in Edinburg

Nothing gives a child a bigger boost of confidence to approaching the new school year than a new haircut. Keep up the yearly grooming traditions with…

Nailed It! Student-Approved Manicures

Give your kids the feeling of nailing the 2022-2023 year before even stepping into school with a brand-new set of nails. 

We Offer Teen Spa Packages

These spa packages are made to carefully treat teens sensitive skin, hair, and, nails. Gift your teen a spa package that combines multiple offers, making this an amazing bargain. These bundles are perfect for a brand-new school beginning.

Package A

If your hair and nails need attention, then get both done with one visit, as this package includes our famous manicure and pedicure treatment! Don’t worry, though, because our nail technicians will help you decide on a polish color since we carry a large collection. You’ll then receive professional hair care in the form of a shampooing and blow-drying for your new hairstyle.

Package B

The everyday struggles of being a teen can be stressful, causing acne. Say no to this condition with this package that includes a facial to target existing acne and prevent future outbreaks. You’ll also receive a shampooing session, blow-dry, haircut and styling! Also included with this package is our delicious Avalon brunch!

Package C

This package is perfect for any teen with an upcoming prom or special occasion! It begins with our “Teen Facial” service, and once your face is radiant and ready to take on the day, you’ll receive our manicure treatment. But don’t forget to match those beautiful nails with a gorgeous hairstyle! Our hairstylists will shampoo and blow-dry your new haircut. To top off your experience, you’ll receive a makeup creation from our phenomenal makeup artists.

Gift Certificates are the Perfect Go-To

Don’t know what to get? We offer gift certificates that are perfect for allowing your loved one the ability to choose what they want. You can choose your own amount that you wish to put into the card, or choose from these certificates we have available in person or on our website.

Contact our Hair Salon in Edinburg

Call us to schedule an appointment today. Reach us at (956) 630-4772 and connect with us on our site and social media platforms. 

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