Get Your Halloween Makeup Done at Avalon!

Have you already decided what you are going to be for Halloween? The estheticians/makeup artists at Avalon Spa and Salon can give your costume a unique look with their makeup artistry services. If you’re still a little stuck about what you want to dress up as, maybe pairing a few clothing items from your closet with our artistic makeup services will make the perfect costume. Who knows, you may even win a costume contest. 

We’d love for you to visit our spa and salon to prepare for All Hallows’ Eve. Read on to learn about the artistic makeup process, the cost and some costume suggestions.

Our talented makeup artists can give you the look you desire. Contact our Spa and Salon in McAllen today.   

How Does it work?

Halloween Makeup

The process of getting your Halloween makeup done at Avalon is simple. Raquel Araujo, an esthetician and makeup artist, usually tells her clients to bring in photos or images of the makeup design they want. Araujo then applies makeup to the client’s face depending on the photograph or image. The client does not need to bring makeup with them, unless they want to use a specific Halloween makeup palette or brand. Otherwise, any makeup needed will be provided. 

“They bring me a photograph and I try to make it very similar to what is shown on there,” Araujo said in Spanish. “Additionally, I give them some tips or I’ll apply a little extra makeup. To be honest, they leave very pleased.”

The artistic makeup procedure can last anywhere from an hour to an hour-and-a-half, depending on the complexity of the design. Once finished, the makeup can last for a full day. Araujo, for example, designed a skull on her face that lasted a full workday. It was so popular amongst her co-workers and Avalon social media followers that she even won a best costume contest!

Halloween Makeup

Artistic Makeup for All Ages and Occasions 

Although the last two weeks in October are the busiest for artistic makeup services because of Halloween, these services are offered throughout the year. You’d think that adults only get their faces made up for Halloween, but there are also people in clubs and organizations who go to Avalon to get their hair and makeup done for themed parties, such as the 60s, 70s and 80s decades. Children have also gotten their faces designed for events such as birthday parties.

Getting your artistic facial makeup done at Avalon can be a great experience and we guarantee that you’ll love the outcome. “The ambience is very fun,” Araujo said in Spanish. “The clients have a great time.” 

Popular Costume Ideas

Halloween Makeup

Every year, events, movies or other innovations influence what is deemed popular in the world of Halloween costumes. Here is a list of five costume ideas and categories that seem to be pretty popular this year: 

  1. Selena Quintanilla – MAC Cosmetics drew attention to this American singer this year with their new makeup line dedicated to the songwriter and her style. An ideal makeup look for this costume would include bright red lipstick, long and thick eyelashes, smokey eyes and shaded eyebrows.
  2. Harley Quinn – This comic book villainess is a popular costume choice due to the success of the movie Suicide Squad. It may also be a popular option amongst DC Comics fans. The great thing about a villain or hero costume is that most of them have detailed face makeup.
  3. Snapchat Filters – These are definitely the newest addition to costume ideas with the increasing popularity of Snapchat. For example, you can choose between butterfly, flower, dog, rabbit or deer filters. Most would be perfect because they are makeup-heavy.
  4. Day of the Dead – Sugar skull costumes are a hit every year, especially in the Rio Grande Valley.
  5. Animals – This theme never gets old. You can be any animal, a bunny, fox or unicorn – you name it. The makeup artists at Avalon have you covered. 

Professionally-Done Makeup

You won’t regret getting your artistic makeup professionally done at Avalon Spa and Salon. Our estheticians/makeup artists will work to give you the look of your choice for a complete Halloween costume look. The cost of a Halloween makeup session starts at $65 and may increase depending on the detail and complexity of the design. And don’t forget, artistic makeup services are offered year-round for any event, party or occasion and for all ages. Call us at 956.630.4772 or book an appointment online today.