Cool Chops: A Look at the Bob and Lob Hairstyles at Avalon Spa and Salon!

Cool Chops: A Look at the Bob and Lob Hairstyles at Avalon Spa and Salon!

At the beginning of 2017, we predicted which hairstyles would be a big hit this year. Believe it or not, two of our predictions still stand strong on the list! Chances are that someone around you is sporting a bob or lob. A bob is a short-length haircut, just shy of being a pixie. A lob is by far the trendiest at the moment and is longer than the bob, but typically doesn’t exceed shoulder length.

Countless celebrities are sporting both haircuts and rocking them everywhere. You’ll see them on runways, award shows and red carpets. Why the popularity? Aren’t short-length haircuts tough to keep up with and manage? Not at all! They are easy to tame and style! Take a look at what makes them so great!

Looking to change your hairstyle but aren’t sure whether to get a new color or cut? At Avalon Spa and Salon in McAllen, our talented hairstylists can provide the show-stopping hair you’ll love!

The Classic Bob

The bob is nothing new in the hairstyling community. It’s widely known for its classy, sophisticated appearance and is also clean-looking and low maintenance. When you think about the bob, you may think Old Hollywood and the red carpet. The elegance of this haircut gives your body more room for attention. Look at Kylie Jenner, for example. For the 2017 Met Gala, she took everyone by surprise with a sophisticated blonde bob. If you’re one to constantly dye your hair, then this haircut can give you the break that your hair so desperately needs!

The Unforgettable Lob

Long, waist-length hair hasn’t been around long. This year, though, belonged to the lob, and if an above-the-chin hair length is too short for your taste, then this is the haircut you’ve been seeking! Tune into entertainment news and you’ll notice a flock of celebrities sporting the hairstyle. Khloe Kardashian revolutionized the lob earlier this year where she drastically changed her hair with this style along with a new blonde tone. Other celebrities that have been spotted with a lob include Jessica Alba, Emma Stone and Demi Lovato.

For the nine-to-five working girl, taking the time every morning to curl or straighten your hair is a chore. Most of us end up with a side braid or messy bun at the office. Put a stop to it and come into Avalon Spa and Salon for that lob you’ve been eyeing for so long! It can create the illusion of appearing taller and slimmer. With a lob, the length of your hair is closer to your face, making it the focal point. 

Trendy Chops

Short hair is in and there are endless ways to style your bobs and lobs. Consult with our expert hairstylists and they’ll advise you which style will work best for you! Contact Avalon Spa and Salon in McAllen today to schedule your next haircut!