Consider a Red LED Light Therapy Session from Avalon Spa and Salon in Time for the Holidays!

Consider a Red LED Light Therapy Session from Avalon Spa and Salon in Time for the Holidays!

The holidays are a time for reunions and endless photos, but rather than sneaking off to hide from family group pictures, stay and be a part of them! Besides, you’re going to look great with the help of Red LED Light Therapy by Avalon Spa and Salon! This new trendy beauty treatment is designed to stop aging. A number of celebrities are taking their treatments and results to Instagram and praising the mask!

The red LED light therapy mask aims to fight acne and signs of aging with the use of LED light technology. The mask emits bright lights that help you get that brighter, clearer complexion you’ve been trying to achieve!

Don’t be shy this holiday season by avoiding large family photos! Flaunt your beautiful and youthful skin with the help of Avalon Spa and Salon in McAllen!

Anti-Aging Benefits

Red Light Terapy

LED means “light-emitting device”. Red light is most commonly used in anti-aging techniques because it promotes circulation in the skin and stimulates collagen and elastin. It builds collagen while reducing the inflammation that occurs during aging. The therapy mask works on all skin types and is also highly favored for those with super thin skin. The mask speeds the healing of the face by 300% while building collagen and is non-invasive.

Put an End to Acne

Aside from helping to stop the aging process, the therapy helps with any troublesome acne you may be dealing with. Acne doesn't end in your teen years. In fact, it almost gets worse in your mid-twenties. Nothing is more embarrassing than showcasing acne as an adult. The therapy mask targets oil glands and reduces cytokines in the skin that cause inflammation and play a major role in acne production.

The mask can protect and heal your skin from prior and potential acne scars, and it isn’t just for those seeking a more youthful appearance. It’s also for those that desire a clearer complexion in general. This holiday season, dump that selfie photo editing app because there will be no need to blur any acne off of your face! 

Red Light Terapy

An Easy and Relaxing Process

The mask does not expose your face to any UV light, so there’s no need to worry about UV-related side effects. The only sensation you should expect is a bit of warmness and brightness. You will not experience any pain or uncomfortable sensations, but expect our specialist to go over the entire process prior to your treatment. The treatment is only 30 minutes long and you can expect no side effects or down time following your session.

The Number of Treatments

You should see results as soon as your first treatment is over! You may not be 100% acne- and wrinkle-free afterward, but you’ll immediately notice more radiant and glowing skin! To achieve wrinkle reductions and toned and acne-free skin, more sessions will be needed. Our specialists recommend a total of 12 sessions to achieve the brightened, youthful skin you desire. After your sixth session, you should start to see your wrinkles and acne scars fade!

Youthful Skin Starts at Avalon Spa and Salon

At Avalon Spa and Salon in McAllen, we want to be more than your hair and nail beauty destination. We want to change the way you feel and look at yourself with the newest addition to our spa services, the Red LED Light Therapy Mask treatment. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or to learn more about it!