5 Services from Our Salon in McAllen that Can Return Your Hair to its Former Glory!

5 Services from Our Salon in McAllen that Can Return Your Hair to its Former Glory!

Your hair needs protection in the same way that your skin needs sunscreen. No matter which factors affect your hair’s condition, there are a few services from our spa and salon in McAllen that can enhance your natural hair’s color and health! Check them out below!

Work with Your Environment

Create a routine during each season to keep your hair from being too overexposed to harsh winters, humid springs, or dry, hot summers. For the upcoming summer, check out our Sun Care Hair Line to control sun and seawater damage!

Condition Your Hair

Prevent further damage to your hair with leave-in treatments that seal the cuticles. Experience our mending therapy or “The Finale.” These services can enhance your hair’s shine, smoothness, and manageability.

Explore Other Hair Products

Keep your hair type in mind when experimenting with new products like our Gold Cannabis Hair Mask to avoid your beautiful strands from going limp due to product overuse. Check out our other top-quality products from our McAllen salon to promote relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation.

Change Your Hair Style

Continuous daily routines can damage your hair. Easily stimulate it by coming to our salon for a shampoo and haircut. Try our Blow Dry Set with Magnetic or Heated Rollers to get the volume your hair needs!

Restore Your Natural Hair

For severely damaged hair, you’ll have to hold off on the products and invest in treatments that boost its shine and strength. Try our Hair Restoration – Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy that uses hormones to stimulate hair follicles.

Update Your Look Today!

Find inspiration for your next hairstyle by following our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re ready to change your hairstyle or would like more information about our products and services, then contact us today!